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Evoot [userpic]

Long owed update

September 4th, 2009 (03:36 pm)

current mood: optimistic

Firstly, I'm still alive internets... well just about.

Not that much of changes and exciting news to report in this entry.

Annoyingly still jobless which is not bettering my mood at all. But all this freetime has given me the opportunity to start self learning skills to my dream career - latex designer/custom work. So far the latex learning is going pretty well and this is chipper making :) However it does make the design book rather rather huge now due to the neverending possibilities of this gorgeous material. Next step on the ladder is now to become of high enough skills to start producing work for an online portfolio of some respect.

This all takes time but is giving me abit more optimistic outlook into achieving what I want to do and where I want to be. It feels really weird me stating this being ultimate self negative person that I am but it feels good that I am changing my outlook in life.

On another note, sorry I have been really unsocialising of late :( I just haven't felt people mingly. No I don't have anything against anyone since your all lovely. Just various personal things going on in my life.

Hope life is treating everyone well and dandy x